Aditya Shridhar Hegde

I’m a PhD student in the ARC group at Johns Hopkins University where I’m advised by Abhishek Jain and Matthew Green. My research interests are in cryptography and more broadly, in theoretical computer science.

Previously, I was an Integrated Masters (B.Tech + M.Tech) student at IIIT Bangalore where I majored in Computer Science and Engineering and was advised by Ashish Choudhury. During this time, I also worked with members of the CrIS Lab under the supervision of Arpita Patra.


  1. Scalable Multiparty Garbling
    Gabrielle Beck, Aarushi Goel, Aditya Hegde, Abhishek Jain, Zhengzhong Jin, and Gabriel Kaptchuk


List of publications in reverse chronological order. Authors are primarily listed in alphabetical order. An asterisk (*) is used in case of exceptions to indicate equal contribution and lead authorship.


    Attaining GOD Beyond Honest Majority with Friends and Foes
    Aditya Hegde, Nishat Koti, Varsha Bhat Kukkala, Shravani Patil, Arpita Patra, and Protik Paul
    Secure Multiparty Computation with Free Branching
    Aarushi Goel, Mathias Hall-Andersen, Aditya Hegde, and Abhishek Jain


  1. PETS
    SoK: Efficient Privacy-preserving Clustering
    Aditya Hegde, Helen Möllering, Thomas Schneider, and Hossein Yalame
  2. SPIE
    Enhancing Z-resolution in CT Volumes with Deep Residual Learning
    Utkarsh Agrawal*, Aditya Hegde, Rajesh Langoju, Prasad Sudhakar, Bhushan D. Patil, Sundar R. K., Yasuhiro Imai, Risa Shigemasa, Omi Yasuo, and Bipul Das


    High Throughput Secure MPC Over Small Population in Hybrid Networks (Extended Abstract)
    Ashish Choudhury, and Aditya Hegde
  2. IJCAI
    Ethics, Prosperity, and Society: Moral Evaluation Using Virtue Ethics and Utilitarianism
    Aditya Hegde*, Vibhav Agarwal*, and Shrisha Rao



  • Discrete Mathematics
    Teaching Assistant - Spring 2021

IIIT Bangalore

  • Foundations of Cryptography
    Teaching Assistant - Spring 2020
    Teaching Assistant - Spring 2021
  • Discrete Mathematics
    Teaching Assistant - Fall 2020